Ever milked a cow? Plucked a potato? Killed a chicken? Fished a fish? Seeded carrots? Chopped down trees? Reaped alfalfa? Molded cheese? Harvested beans? Toasted cacao? Roasted a guinea pig? Rolled up a chocolate ball? Made roofs from leaves? Picked thread from plants? Sold your harvest in market? Touched crude petroleum?

EARTH TO CITY aims to show people where their food and products come from from within the earth, and to bring more people into physical contact with the beauty of nature...
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EARTH TO CITY programs work by first immersing you in an agrarian or wildlife-based community for 5 days. You'll do hands-on work side-by-side with people in the community, such as milking cows, fleecing sheep, etc. If after 5 days you decide you'd like to stay, you can arrange with community organizers to live with a family working on volunteer projects that interest both you and the community.

Mulalillo, Ecuador - FEE: $320
5 days immersion + option to extend

In this mountain community, you'll be milking cows, cutting alfalfa, feeding rabbits, making cheese, harvesting veggies, picking mushrooms at 4000m+ high, cooking up guinea pigs, tutoring English, bathing in hot springs and more...
Esmeraldas, Ecuador - FEE: $380
5 days immersion + option to extend

The air is tropical in this coastal province and you'll be harvesting mangoes, blending batidos, pulling up yuca, cutting down plantains, weaving leaves to make a roof, fishing for pargo, grinding cacao and more...
Lago Agrio/Cofanes, Ecuador - FEE: $295
5 days immersion + option to extend

You'll be patrolling the muddy jungle during this week with indigenous people who still live off of wild fruit and animals. You'll also make jewelry, teach English, nurture fish, visit oil wells and more...
NYC Kids to Farms Summer Program
5 weeks, July 5 - August 8, 2010

This program plans to bring high school students from New York City to Orange County, NY, to learn about growing food, to work as farm laborers, to cook their own meals and to prepare for opening their own cafe during the school year. More info...